It All Begins with Puppy Training

"When can I start training my dog?"

This is one of the first questions asked by new puppy owners. The answer is as early as ten weeks if you're ready, and your vet gives the green light! A good puppy training class is designed especially for young dogs 10 to 16 weeks old.

When looking for puppy training classes, try to find one whose goals are to raise a dog that grows up to be a contributing member of the family---one that behaves not because he was forced, but because he wants to. In Capital City Dog Training's puppy classes, dogs are not seen as robots that can be programmed using force, but as infinitely complicated beings capable of solving a vast range of problems.

Once your puppy has completed puppy training he should be 16 weeks or older and anxious and ready to start a basic obedience class.

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